Rosewood Beach Coastline

Rosewood Beach Coastline Needs Improvement

Sadly, Highland Park public lakefront stands out of all Chicago’s North Shore public beaches by its level of neglect. The biggest eye sore on Rosewood Beach are the unsightly industrial looking steel groins extending into the lake. The groins were placed in the 1970s to help prevent beach erosion. Yet, today there are more attractive ways that can avoid this kind of visual pollution.

To read about Lake Michigan coastal processes in Illinois, please click here:

To read more on issues of coastal erosion, please see the Michigan State University Web site:

Over the years, our two other neighbors to the North—Lake Forest and Lake Bluff–have also suffered massive beach erosion like Highland Park. Over the past two decades, both Lake Forest and Lake Bluff have given the coastline on their public beaches a pleasing natural look with stone breakwaters that replaced the steel groins. 

The cost of restoring the coastline can vary greatly depending on the length of the restored coast, the size of the sandy beach created, the complexity of the project, and more.

On Rosewood Beach, the money saved from building more modest public bathrooms instead of proposed large, approx $3 million building could go a long way towards restoring the coast, or possibly even cover the cost, depending on the complexity of the project.

This is how the public lakefront looks in some of our neighboring villages:

Lake Bluff

The Lake Bluff public beach was restored by Shabica and Associates in early 1990s.

At the time the sandy beach south of the pumping station had been washed away by the waves.

According to Shabica and Associates, an approx 20-100’ deep and approx 600’ long beach with stone breakwaters was created for approx $1,000,000.

To read more about the Lake Bluff public beach restoration, please click here:

Lake Forest

The Lake Forest public beach was restored in the 1980s by JJR—the company who has also consulted the Park District of Highland Park. For details of the lake Forest project, please click here:

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